Power Quality System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Eaton 9PX (5-11kVA)

The Eaton 9PX UPS is a proven and best-in-class online UPS. It features ABM technology which extends battery life by up to 50% with double conversion topology for power stabilization and battery pack. for a longer runtime The 9PX Rack/Tower Uninterruptible Power Supply is built for scalable applications. Featuring a graphical LCD interface, the 9PX also offers battery flexibility. There are nine lithium-ion batteries to choose from. Select 9PX UPS models come with the industry's first Eaton Gigabit Network Card to comply with both UL and IEC cybersecurity standards to complete your uninterruptible power solution.


Pair your 9PX with the Eaton Intelligence Platform for seamless management of your connected devices. Applications: IT, Edge Networks, Medical/Public Health, University, K-12, Industrial Automation, Harsh Electrical Environments increase the duration of the battery The number of batteries can be increased to 4 modules according to user needs. Eaton UPS 9PX Lithium Ion The Eaton 9PX Series Lithium-Ion Rack and Tower UPS provide an average lifespan of 8 to 10 years for the UPS and battery. long The Eaton 9PX Lithium-Ion UPS is rated from 1 to 3 kVA with low and high voltage options. And up to four external battery modules are available for additional run time. Eaton 9PX Lithium-Ion UPS are available in rack and tower configurations. It has the same reliable features as lead-acid UPS. including the portion of the load that allows the shutdown of the system in priority Remote power on (RPO), remote power on/off (ROO) and relay output ports for added controllability. 5-year warranty on both UPS and battery


Easy-to-use graphic LCD display And when you use the 9PX Lithium-Ion UPS with Eaton's Intelligent Power™ Management software, you'll avoid wastage. information by ordering to turn off the computer that is connected in the event of a long power outage for cyber management and security You can opt for a Eaton Gigabit network Card that comes with two cybersecurity certificates (UL 2900-1 & IEC 62443-4-2). Suitable for use in: IT data centers, edge networks, medical and healthcare equipment, universities, K-12, industrial automation, power-failing areas. Main features On-line double conversion topology with automatic bypass and PFCEnergy Star UPS (up to 93.5% efficiency in online mode)more real power in watts, unity power factor (VA= W)1 slot for optional com card (network management card, ModBus or contact/serial card)Long backup time with up to 4 optional EBM cabinets with auto-detection, all required rack hardware & integrated install tower

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