Fire Protection System

VESDA Aspirating Smoke Detection


The VESDA-E VES is similar to the flagship VESDA-E VEP aspirating smoke detector but also includes a valve mechanism in the inlet manifold and software to control the airflow from the four Sectors (pipes). This configuration enables a single zone to be divided into four separate sectors, for example, distinguishing between separate aisles within a data room. The VES enables the user to locate the source of smoke by identifying the first sector to reach the Alert level. The detector then continues to sample from all sectors to monitor fire growth and will report separate alarm levels for each sector. The VES provides four individually configurable alarm levels (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2) for each sector allowing optimum protection in a wide range of applications. Built on the
Flair detection technology and years of application experience, VES detectors achieve consistent performance over their lifetime via absolute calibration. In addition, the VES delivers a range of revolutionary features that provide user value.
-Up to 2000 m^2 (21520 ft2) coverage area (As per Codes)
-4 pipe inlets with individual flow sensors  
-4 programmable alarm thresholds 0.005 –20% obs/m 
-12 programmable relays
-20,000 events in event log 
• Telecommunications facilities
• Server rooms

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