Power Quality System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Eaton 9355 (8-40kVA)

The Eaton 9355 Uninterruptible Power Supply (formerly Powerware 9355) is a three-phase, double-conversion online uninterruptible power supply that offers an all-in-one power protection solution. Uninterruptible power supply model 9355 has a base area 75% smaller than a similar class of uninterruptible power supply because it comes with an internal battery. Built-in power supply module and a maintenance bypass switch. as it does not require a large external battery cabinet This model can therefore be connected in parallel with up to four UPSs to create a redundant system or increase capacity using less space than a typical large UPS.


With Eaton's patented HotSync paralleling technology Reduce total cost of ownership - Deliver more real power in less space with 0.9 power factor output. - Industry-leading power density with a smaller footprint and more power capacity than similar standbys - The 10 kVA model supports scaling. This can be upgraded with an additional 10 kVA capacity. - Sleek tower design with built-in battery increase flexibility - A variety of power supply module options are available. - Split phase architecture - Allows up to four 9355 UPSs to be placed in parallel for increased capacity and power redundancy. Maximize uptime and reliability - Longer battery uptime option available - Provides a bypass option to maintain the uninterruptible power supply without disturbing the load. - Connectivity and software options for remote monitoring and management

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