Power Quality System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Eaton 93E XL (10-40kVA)

The Eaton 93E XL UPS offers superior power protection with the industry's highest power density and power. The 93E XL uninterruptible power supply family has the lowest total cost of ownership in its class. By combining the features in a compact device. high flexibility and installation has never been easier. The Eaton 93E XL UPS is ideal for applications requiring long backup times and space constraints.


Main features - Up to 98% efficiency with lower operating costs - Patented Powerware Hot Sync® technology allows up to four uninterruptible power supplies to be connected in parallel to increase availability or increase capacity. - Battery design within extended run time saves base space without the need for additional battery cabinets. - Flexible and scalable working hours Delivers up to 30 minutes of standby time for 40kVA in a single unit. - Large LCD displays the status of the UPS in visual form. and provides easy access to measure, control and set up the machine. - Smart power management software monitors and manages multiple electrical devices across your network. - Designed to maximize availability at both the factory and IT level.

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