Power Quality System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Power Xpert 9395 (225-1100kVA)

The Eaton 9395P UPS provides high efficiency double conversion current and greater power density. This is a result of the latest developments in energy management technologies. No matter what your mission-critical applications are. The Eaton 9395P uninterruptible power supply delivers power efficiency. credibility and the flexibility you need lowest total cost of ownership The Eaton 9395P UPS is less costly to own because it is more efficient. All of these are the result of many leading technologies. Some of these technologies are unique to Eaton. flexibility No matter how quickly and how quickly the changing conditions


The Eaton 9395P UPS is designed to maintain a stable, uninterrupted power supply and quality. This market-leading flexibility is a result of the many advanced technologies contained in the Eaton UPS. Model 9395P the ability to scale The Eaton 9395P uninterruptible power line offers a wide range of options for scaling and customization to best suit your application. Scaling the power of the uninterruptible power supply can be done by increasing the capacity of the uninterruptible power supply. Add a new UPS in parallel with the existing one. or add a new UPS system and transfer the load to that new system

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