Power Quality System

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Eaton 93PR (25-200kW)

Developed with Eaton's patented advanced power electronics technology, the 93PR UPS Range meets the power reliability requirements for small to hyperscale data centers. Automation and medical applications and projects with large infrastructure Compatible with lithium ion Highly efficient and scalable Main features Increased scalability - Supports 8 units with different power modules in parallel for capacities up to 4.8 MW.


Provides the ability to connect external batteries and common battery usage between two UPS systems to reduce deployment costs. outstanding performance - Maximize system performance with Eaton's patented three-level technology and ESS power management system. - Up to 97% efficiency in double conversion mode and 99%+ in ESS mode - Improve efficiency while reducing power consumption and cooling requirements. Along with the intelligent module sleep function, VMMS is an environmentally friendly solution. safe and reliable - Increased system reliability by designing key components such as fans and power supplies. come very well


Reduce failure rates through overall design, system testing, and comprehensive deployment. management efficiency - Provides power and virtualization with Intelligent Power Management (IPM) software. - Supports automatic application storage and safe shutdown of the operating system with Intelligent Power Protection (IPP) software. - Supports multiple ports and communication accessories easy handling - Provides easier access to detailed status information through an intuitive 7-inch touch-screen LCD interface. - Integrates with leading virtual platforms through a full suite of power management and connectivity software. - Increase uptime through 24x7 remote monitoring and reporting Replace parts and adjust sizes without turning off the machine.


The power module can be replaced or added while the other module continues to protect the load. - Eliminates the need for bypass for module replacement or upgrade (MTTR min 5 minutes)

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